Bono and the Broadway cast of ECLIPSED

Know Her Name

The Curran, which is now home to Danai Gurira’s award-winning play, ECLIPSED, will continue a poignant & moving tradition that began during the play’s original Broadway run.

On April 30th of last year, as the audience rose in standing ovation for that afternoon’s matinee of ECLIPSED inside Broadway’s Golden Theatre, sobs for the glorious performance they had just witnessed quickly morphed into gasps as U2 frontman and global activist Bono emerged from the wings. It was a thrilling moment but also sobering; the rock icon arrived onstage beside the cast with a special message, kicking off what would become a daily ritual at performances of ECLIPSED: post-show dedications to kidnapped and missing girls from the school in Chibok, Northern Nigeria, infamously taken by the Boko Haram years prior—and many of whom are missing til this day. ECLIPSED is a play that celebrates the power of naming—naming our pain, our joy, and more memorably, naming ourselves. In the spirit of this idea, the dedication after each performance specified—by name—one of the victims of that unimaginable day of horror. Hearing these names aloud in the theater gave ECLIPSED an eerie resonance to today’s political climate as refugees from war-torn countries and women forced into sexual slavery continue to dominate headlines.

  • The Broadway cast of ECLIPSED onstage with Cynthia Nixon. (c) Tommy Blupe

  • The Broadway cast of ECLIPSED onstage with Bono, April 30th 2016. (c) Tommy Blupe

  • The Broadway cast of ECLIPSED onstage with Nancy Pelosi. (c) Cindy Ord

  • The Broadway cast of ECLIPSED onstage with Gloria Steinham. (c) Jenny Anderson

Now as ECLIPSED arrives in San Francisco at the Curran, we will continue to tradition of post-show dedications by, yes, naming girls from all around the world who have been kidnapped and remain missing, many of whom are an unnerving reflection of the women whose stories are so eloquently told in ECLIPSED.

Playwright, Danai Gurira, and director, Liesl Tommy, will kick off the series of dedications during our preview performances, March 7th and 8th. We look forward to inviting notable Bay Area residents, activists and artists to lend their voices to this powerful initiative. Click here to navigate to the March calendar of ECLIPSED performances. Hover over dates with an asterisk to look for dedication performances (see March 7th and 8th).