A letter from Carole

Dear CURRANators,

Welcome to our family.

When I set out to renovate our beloved Curran — to stage a homecoming at the place that served as a second home for me during my childhood here in San Francisco — my mission was to reimagine what its place could be in the cultural landscape of the city while honoring its heritage. I wanted to keep that adventurous spirit alive that had inspired me as a little girl. We are doing that with our first three productions — FUN HOME, ECLIPSED and ENCOUNTER.

I want the Curran’s website to be more than just a landing page for selling tickets. I want it also to be a way for you to engage in a kind of cultural conversation with us. That is why I decided that THE CURRAN[T] would be part of our mission in redefining our presence for a world that is lived increasingly online. Led by the Curran’s resident historian, writer, and editor Gracie Hays and me, THE CURRAN[T] will be a cultural destination all its own, yet seen through the lens of the Curran and San Francisco.

I want you to think of the Curran as your home away from home as I did when I first discovered it as a child. And think of THE CURRAN[T] as its newest room. My hope is that our reimagining of the Curran and publishing of THE CURRAN[T] will spark your own spirit of adventure.

Curtain up!