Star Stories: Be a part of the constellation

Loosely based on an actual event, BRIGHT STAR explores the importance of storytelling as an integral part of the human experience. In celebration of the stories of our city, Curran has commissioned local artists to create interactive and collaborative star sculptures.

These pieces have been installed community spaces throughout San Francisco. Learn about the artists and check out the stars in person.

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"Bright Star"
installed at the Curran

“In response to the opening number from BRIGHT STAR, ­If You Knew My Story,­­ I have created a piece that represents both the structured nature of what we present to the public as well as the more intriguing but often hidden inner beauty that lies within.
By opening up and revealing a complex and intriguing inner story we encourage more intimate dialog. I believe this is perhaps the most difficult thing to do in daily life and hope the piece serves as personal reminder to continue to try doing just that.” - Ryan Montgomery

"Siri, Show Me the Stars"
installed at Community Music Center

“When I moved to the US from Germany, I noticed triangle and diamond shapes that are used as warning and caution signs. These symbols of caution are everywhere: street signs, carpool signs, cones, pennants, marks on the street, manhole covers. Surrounded by instructional signs, I feel we lose the ability to think for ourselves.
We begin to act like robots. I take the shapes out of their usual context and transfer them into something new to ask people to think for themselves again. The work is pushy & aggressive. I choose to use gray to calm this aggressiveness, and show the calm, quiet nature of those who follow the warning signs. I am expected to follow the signs. I am expected not to question. I feel trapped by these expectations.” - Vanessa Niederstrasser

"Geodesic Star"
installed at 826 Valencia

“Geodesic Star is a hacksaw sphere with a star shaped light-source at its core. Geodesic Star forms part of a body of work in which multiples of the same discarded object (in this case hacksaw blades) are manipulated into something new.
Stars are enormous balls of exploding gas constantly burning their seemingly endless fuel. Geodesic Star is crafted as a communal star, your personal stories will be the fuel for this fire. As each of you add your story to Geodesic Star, its center light-source will get brighter and brighter. The more stories shared the more luminous Geodesic Star will become.” - Clint Imboden

"Bright Star"
installed at Parc 55

“I am weaving my dreams into reality. Life is expressed in all the spectrum. I cry with joy, I cry with sadness for the uneven ones and I continue weaving. The bright star that I hold near my heart are the memories, the time, the cultures, the photographs, the people and the freedom that I feel while I keep riding!” - Indira Urrutia

"Let's Make a Star Shower"
installed at SF LGBT Center

Sister Rose Mary Chicken (Robbie Nothstine) is an artist with a knack for making things beautiful. An artist who has been passionate about painting and drawing her whole life, Chicken also has extensive experience in professional theater as both an entertainer and set designer.
A member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for the past 12 years, she is one of the Sisters who initially blessed the San Francisco LGBT Center and is excited to share her story with you and encourages you to add a piece of your story on a star!

"Star Gazing" by Ines Chapela
installed at 826 Valencia Tenderloin Center

“A very bright star in the constellation of me is my Mexican heritage. A child of Mexican parents raised in the US, I feel lucky to have the wealth of two cultures to draw from. As an artist, I borrow much of my inspiration from Mexican traditional art. This stargazing installation tells this part of my story, a story of two worlds conjoined, by drawing from the stylized artforms typical in traditional art from Mexico.” - Ines Chapela

Reggie Davis with his piece, "Jacob's Ladder"

"Jacob's Ladder" by Reggie Davis
installed at Coffee to the People

“This photomontage image is a composite photograph created from my own imagery and sourced images. I find storytelling and ‘new media’ go hand in hand, and opens one up to a whole new source for creative self-expression. Especially when it comes to relating experiences that are more intimate or personal in nature. The design consist of this ‘intuitive collage’ is an abstracted North Star image, montaged into a crafted Jacob’s ladder motif, or what some would call a Stairway to Heaven. The piece is about progression, physical and spiritual, of awareness what all life stories are about.” - Reggie Davis

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