The Sizzle is Real

Carole Shorenstein Hays unveils the Curran's newest video as she readies the Curran itself for its own unveiling in just a few more weeks.

The Curran has released its newest video with narration by FUN HOME’s lyricist and book writer Lisa Kron. It is an excerpt from her speech at the Tony Awards when she won for her work on FUN HOME along with composer Jeanine Tesori. It wasn't thought historic enough, however, that two women had for the first time won the Tony for Best Score and Best Book for a Musical and only snippets of their speeches were aired during the televised ceremony. But they did make it to Youtube.

  Lisa Kron's Tony Speech

  Lisa and Jeanine's Tony Speech

Kron’s eloquent exhortation to the Tony audience that night to open up the many rooms in the house we all live in went viral and became a kind of clarion call of inclusion. As we here at the Curran open up our our newly renovated home, we indeed see it as one of those rooms that Kron was talking about. We are thrilled that she and FUN HOME are helping us open up our doors to our inaugural season. And just as Lisa’s message that night was still able to wind its welcome way into the cultural landscape, we at the Curran offer you this message ourselves: welcome to our new home.

  Stage a Homecoming