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May 31 & June 1

Pop-Up Magazine

May 31 & June 1




90 mins.




90 mins.

Pop-Up Magazine is a live magazine—a night of new, true stories about the fascinating world around us. With photography, film, radio, and original music all mixed together and performed live onstage by a big cast of talented people.

Your favorite story may come from someone you're discovering for the first time, or an old favorite you've admired for years.

The show is unrecorded, and no performance is the same as the last. You have to be there.

Pop Up Magazine Spring Issue

San Francisco Cast

Jon Ronson

New York Times bestselling author, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, The Psychopath Test, The Men Who Stare At Goats

Gillian Laub

Award-winning photographer & filmmaker, Southern Rites

Yassir Lester

Actor, Girls, Making History, writer, comedian

Tabitha Soren

Artist and photographer

Fazeelat Aslam

Award-winning documentary filmmaker, producer, correspondent

Carlos Javier Ortiz

Award-winning director, cinematographer, photographer, 2016 Guggenheim Fellow

Karen Duffin

Producer, This American Life

Brittany Spanos

Staff writer, Rolling Stone

Lu Olkowski

Host, CBC’s Love Me, radio producer, Radiolab, This American Life

Sandra Allen

Writer, BuzzFeed News, Paris Review Daily

Rachel Monroe

Writer, The New Yorker, Texas Monthly, The New Republic

and More...

with new music from Magik*Magik Orchestra


“A Sensation”


“Always Amazing”