Heaven is a place on earth

Ladies and gents,

The only kind of reunion I can’t stand is the one where I have to see all my horrible relatives. Other than that, I always adore seeing people come back together after years of separation. And, so, I was in ecstasy Monday night at the Bowery Ballroom, where I was beckoned for a hush-hush, top secret, by invitation only, VIP performance given by one of my favorite bands of all time: The Go-Go’s. Anyone who lived through the 1980’s (and stayed sober enough to remember it) has sepia-toned memories of big hair and big should pads set against the throbbing beat of music by The Go-Go’s. And for die-hard fans like myself, it was a shock and a thrill to see all five core members back together again – something we never thought would happen after years of lawsuits and in-fighting.

Carole Shorenstein Hays and The Go-Go's. Photo by Jeremy Daniel

But there they all were, playing all their hits like “Vacation” and “We Got The Beat,” as the crowd, which included the likes of Andy Cohen, Sandra Bernhardt, and Darren Criss, screamed, cheered, and undulated along to the music. Jordan Roth, who’s a producer of the show and also a Go-Go’s super fan, was wearing a shimmery, sparkly outfit by Officine Generale that turned heads all night long (including that of guitarist Jane Wiedlin, who was seen winking at him from the stage).

So what could bring this Fab Five back together after all these years? The theater, of course! Their brand new musical, Head Over Heels, is headed to Broadway this summer, but will first premiere in San Fransisco at – where else? – the Curran.

Director Michael Mayer, who was also onhand, described the show as a delicious cocktail. "The base alcohol is an Elizabethan romantic comedy, full of mistaken identity, sex, talking animals, and love. You want to add one shot of each of the following: power, gender, identity. … Every classic cocktail needs bitters, so there's little dash of the threat of global annihilation. You throw it in the blender and add the most intoxicating, fabulous, effervescent mixer known to humankind: the song catalogue of The Go-Go’s."

The Go-Go's perform at the Bowery Ballroom. Photo by Jeremy Daniel

The Curran has a long history of premiering shows before they go on to Broadway superstardom (Wicked, anyone?), so I’m personally thrilled to see them retake the mantle of America’s premiere breeding ground for lavish stage work. Even more thrilled about it? Carole Shorenstein Hays, who was onhand, dancing and grooving along with the Bowery Ballroom crowd. Carole is not only presenting the show in San Francisco, she’s also co-producing it on Broadway. Making sure the West Coast was well represented, she brought along fellow Bay Area royalty like Steve-Jobs-acolyte-cum-theatrical-producer Scott Forstall (who was, appropriately enough, snapping lots of photos on his iPhone) and his wife Molly. And, of course, hubby Dr. Jeff Hays and daughter Gracie were also on hand to bust a move like it was 1983.

After the concert I asked Carole if she was thinking about joining the girl group as the sixth Go-Go. “Scoop, I’m too busy as it is!” Sounds like someone could use a “Vacation.”

Meanwhile, I woke up in a panic when I saw I had the words “Head Over Heels” tattooed across my décolletage. Then I remembered it was merely temporary. Of course, “temporary tattoo" is a relative phrase: after a solid fifteen minutes of scrubbing, it still looks good as new. If the show is anything like its promotional swag, it will have a long run!

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!


  • Carole Shorenstein Hays and Jordan Roth. Photo by Jeremy Daniel

  • Carole Shorenstein Hays and Belinda Carlisle. Photo by Jeremy Daniel

  • The Go-Go's perform at The Bowery Ballroom. Photo by Jeremy Daniel

  • The cast and creatives of HEAD OVER HEELS. Photo by Jeremy Daniel

  • Jordan Roth. Photo by Jeremy Daniel

  • Carole Shorenstein Hays chats with members of The Go-Go's. Photo by Jeremy Daniel

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